Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Providence Rhode Island

Aging or badly designs homes can be both unsightly and uncomfortable to live in. Other times your personal circumstances may change, and you want home spaces that meet your needs. Providence Home Remodeling, located in Providence, Rhode Island offers professional bathroom remodeling contractors and and other home renovation services at prices you can afford.

We are always excited, and well-equipped to upgrade various aspects of your home with great designs. It does matter if it’s your art studio, kitchen or bathroom additions, we come with the appropriate technology, the designs, and the budget to create functional living space that suits your needs.

We also work in close consultation with you from the start of the project to its completion so that the end product is exactly what you had in mind.

The Services We Provide

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is one of those special spaces of your home that needs special care and attention. We come with the technology, and excellent bathroom remodeling contractors RI to turn this area into one of the warmest, and relaxing place you can escape to, and wash off your stress.

Besides, a bathroom also needs regular maintenance to make it functional. From such bathroom update as replacing the shower, or a leaky sink, to installing new a high-quality walk-in tub, we simply do it all, and at a cost, you can afford.

Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to crucial aspects of Interior home remodel, we are your go-to team. Kitchen remodeling is usually top on the agenda. Each of our experts comes with special skills to work on any part of a kitchen renovation project whether it’s a cabinet resurface task or full renovations; we have the time and know-how to embark on it all.

We also create and install all kinds of kitchen designs that can meet all your needs. You can select from the very functional traditional kitchen or a sleek modern one that makes you swell with pride every time you go in.

Other Home Additions

We come with a unique home additions portfolio. For example, we can turn your tiny living room into one is that is not only spacious but comfortable enough for your whole family.

Think of all-time additions such as a patio, or a sunroom. The best thing is that we have in our collection such exquisite designs from which you can select. We also take the time to inspect your home, listen to your needs, and guide you as to the best design that can work.

Other than that, we have an excellent skill of turning any unutilized spaces such as the garage, or basement into the most admirable room for your guests when they visit, or simply an important storage space.


It’s part of life and growth to want to change certain aspects of your home from time to time. Home remodeling is what you can go for. Together with our expert team, we consider the quality and timely results in all of our undertakings.

Count on us at 401-388-4040 to provide exceptional home remodeling services with lifetime customer support.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for free estimates on any kind of home remodeling services you need.