Top-Level Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Providence Rhode Island

When your kitchen doesn’t reflect your style or is outdated, you may be reluctant to invite people over. It doesn’t have to be that way because the kitchen remodeling contractors of Providence Home Remodeling can help.

They are thorough, and they are aimed to bring your dream kitchen to life. We are keen to focus on the small details that make your kitchen look good and provide the functionality you need. Like the many projects we’ve completed for clients around the Providence area, the end product is one of a kind kitchen that you will be proud of.

We begin by getting to know and understand your vision for the new kitchen. Once we have an idea, we will formulate layouts and finishes that will bring your ideas to life.

First off, we will evaluate the existing structural layouts to get an idea of changes that will be structurally safe while still bringing in a fresh layout. From there, we will develop a new layout based on your vision and one that maximizes the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency.

Next, we will focus on the paint colors, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and countertops. These are the details that really make a difference in how the kitchen will look.

Main Kitchen Renovation Points In Your Kitchen

Paint Options

The paint color scheme is very expressive to your personality and it’s also the canvas upon which you will build a cohesive look. We will work with you to choose a palette that brings all the details in the kitchen together without clashing while staying true to your home’s personality. Because it’s a key to bringing together the entire kitchen, we often recommend that color choices be made last after finalizing other details.


You have a number of options for flooring and the choice will depend on your aesthetic needs, maintenance capabilities, as well as budget. You can choose from traditional hardwoods, engineered wood, stone, or porcelain tiles.


Visually, cabinets are the heart of the kitchen. Your choice on cabinetry will be influenced by your decor style, desired look, and features. You have plenty of options on cabinetry to meet your desired look; from modular cabinets to custom built. Cabinet hardware will further add to the cabinetry overall look.


The backsplash rounds up the look between cabinetry and countertops while adding a unique design spin. You have a number of options for your backsplash tile or stone.


Your choice on countertops depends on your preferred look as well as the desired ease to clean. You can choose between quartz or granite for optimal ease of cleaning as well as a modern look. If you want to cut on cost, you can opt for factory-made countertops.


Lighting determines the mood of the kitchen and can serve as focal points. Ceiling pendant lights are fantastic in getting functional light as well as a decorative touch. For added warmth from lighting, you have options in under cabinet lights. Not only do they add to the overall look, but they are functional for added illumination in under cabinet areas.


With sinks, you can choose between three main types; apron-front, top-mount, and under-mount. You can also choose the material for your sink, from classic stainless steel, enameled finishing, cast iron, to sleek composite granite. Finish it off with a faucet that appeals to your design senses and you’re done.

We would be happy to speak with you further on your kitchen remodeling project. Call us today at 401-388-4040 to hire the best contractors for kitchen remodeling RI! We offer free estimate on all our remodeling services.